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Raspberry PI zero 2 W

I have been trying to get the latest PI zero 2 W to boot without any luck. 
This is an upgrade on the earlier Pi zero with a quad core CPU. It seems that 
the CPU is pretty much identical to that used on the RPI 3 and later versions 
of the RPI 2. Sadly trying the latest current armv7 image failed to produce 
any results - just the coloured screen. The hardware doesn't seem to turn on 
the led unlike the original Pi zero so you don't get any boot diagnostic 

The CPU does support 64 bit and so I had a try at getting the UEFI image to 
work - the UEFI screen comes up OK but it just resets the hardware after a 
short delay.

I am wondering if the problems are due to a missing dtc etc., or maybe I am 
barking up the wrong tree. A sdcard with a raspian image works fine on both 
the older and newer board.

Anyone else tried this hardware yet?



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