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Re: rpi cm4 + waveshare mini base board B seems stop after kernel load

>     options VERBOSE_INIT_ARM
>     options EARLYCONS=bcm2711, CONSADDR=0xfe215040

 I added one more, "-DDEBUG_LOCORE" to GENERIC64 kernel config, and got
logs below.

 Boot by cm4's firmware directly, that works good, reaches to multi-user
login prompt.


 Boot using EFI, that stops after loading NetBSD kernel, exact point
might be in sys/arch/aarch64/aarch64/locore.S aarch64_start

 Former, loads dtb file to 0x100, /netbsd.img to 0x200000.
Latter RPI_EFI.fd is loaded to 0x0, dtb to 0x1f0000.
PC value is not near 0x200000. Is that problem??

 Any advise appreciated.


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