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Re: gfortran/blas on earmv7hf-el?

gdt%lexort.com@localhost (Greg Troxel) writes:

>  http://victory.netbsd.org/pkgsrc/packages/reports/HEAD/evbarm7-9.0/20210702.0645/meta/report.html
>  http://victory.netbsd.org/pkgsrc/packages/reports/HEAD/evbarm7-9.0/20210702.0645/blas-3.9.1/configure.log

>and that sort of looks like "gfortran does't work", but I'm not sure.

The gcc7 package lacks the shared libgcc library (probably for all
archs) and the program gets linked against the older system
libgcc_s.so which doesn't have the unwind functions.

gfortran fails to link even a simple program.

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