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Re: aarch64{,eb} fails to boot on RPI3 (Re: 2021-06-18-netbsd-raspi-earmv6hf.img (Re: Raspberry Pi update please.))

On 2021/06/18 18:05, Rin Okuyama wrote:

On 2021/06/18 8:59, john%ziaspace.com@localhost wrote:
- NetBSD 9.99.85 evbarm-earmv6hf 202106170850Z rpi.img from nyftp.

- Raspberry Pi [0-3] have been supported in big-endian mode (Rin Okuyama)
XXX: should test big-endian image and pkgsrc

earmv7hfeb works fine so far, pkgsrc included. aarc64eb doesn't boot on a Raspberry Pi 3, but I'll send more details about that when I collect them.

Hmm, both aarch64{,eb} fails to boot on RPI3:

[   1.3505790] panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "l->l_stat == LSONPROC" failed: file "../../../../kern/kern_sleepq.c", line 227
[   1.3705814] cpu1: Begin traceback...
[   1.3705814] trace fp ffffc0006eba79b0
[   1.3805840] fp ffffc0006eba79e0 vpanic() at ffffc000005561ec netbsd:vpanic+0x14c
[   1.3905924] fp ffffc0006eba7a40 kern_assert() at ffffc000007b3e68 netbsd:kern_assert+0x58
[   1.4105922] fp ffffc0006eba7ad0 sleepq_enqueue() at ffffc0000051ea54 netbsd:sleepq_enqueue+0x174
[   1.4206018] fp ffffc0006eba7b10 cv_enter() at ffffc000004e5080 netbsd:cv_enter+0xf0
[   1.4406016] fp ffffc0006eba7b50 cv_wait() at ffffc000004e52a8 netbsd:cv_wait+0x38
[   1.4506010] fp ffffc0006eba7b80 xc_wait() at ffffc0000055fbb0 netbsd:xc_wait+0xb0
[   1.4706047] fp ffffc0006eba7bc0 percpu_backend_alloc() at ffffc0000054cf14 netbsd:percpu_backend_alloc+0x154
[   1.4906100] fp ffffc0006eba7c40 vmem_xalloc() at ffffc0000055dcd8 netbsd:vmem_xalloc+0x578
[   1.5106159] fp ffffc0006eba7d10 vmem_alloc() at ffffc0000055e1e4 netbsd:vmem_alloc+0x84
[   1.5206190] fp ffffc0006eba7d70 percpu_create() at ffffc0000054d3e0 netbsd:percpu_create+0x40
[   1.5406215] fp ffffc0006eba7e00 pic_add() at ffffc0000000314c netbsd:pic_add+0xfc
[   1.5606308] fp ffffc0006eba7e40 bcm2836mp_intr_init() at ffffc0000001adb0 netbsd:bcm2836mp_intr_init+0x90
[   1.5706315] fp ffffc0006eba7e90 arm_fdt_cpu_hatch() at ffffc0000006a2f8 netbsd:arm_fdt_cpu_hatch+0x24
[   1.5906332] fp ffffc0006eba7eb0 cpu_hatch() at ffffc0000009c29c netbsd:cpu_hatch+0xbc
[   1.6106367] fp 0000000000000000 cpu_mpstart() at ffffc00000001a88 netbsd:cpu_mpstart+0x19c
[   1.6306431] cpu1: End traceback...

For my RPI3, kernel as of 2020-05-14 is working:

NetBSD 9.99.82 (GENERIC64) #0: Fri May 14 16:32:10 JST 2021

I will bisect the problem...

I found that the failure starts with this commit:


If dev_verbose.h is reverted to rev 1.5, both aarch64{,eb} successfully
boot on RPI3. But, I still don't understand why this change causes the

Also, I found PR which may be related to:


I will examine further tomorrow...


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