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Re: NanoPi R2S

On 6/12/21 7:58 PM, Brandon Wickelhaus wrote:
Hello there,

Last year a user was trying to get a NanoPi R2S working, and well I
had ordered one to see about trying it for myself.

All in all it worked just as the Port Wiki suggested, though I
couldn't get Jason's fancy new installboot options to work with the
results from pkgsrc wip/u-boot-nanopi-r2s, I decided to manually write
it with trial and error, and the boat fit the pattern of the other
rockchip boards.

dd if=/usr/pkg/share/u-boot/u-boot-rockchip.bin of=/dev/rsd1d seek=64 conv=sync

I did this directly to one of Jared's generic aarch46 current images.

I then copied the dtb file which was 'somewhere' in the pkgsrc work
directory for the package, as it wasn't in the +CONTENTS file for the
package.  I placed it on the MS-DOS partition in the dtb/rockchip

I attached the serial link to the board and booted it, u-boot success,
then it used the efi-booter and the kernel loaded fine.

Only gripes sofar were that I had to run it for a short time without
the case on (It comes with a metal case) where the ttl cable can only
be attached once its flipped over and no longer has its heatsink
attached.  I got a temp warning due to that, but it seemed otherwise
fine in the time it took me to verify the network was up.

Only the WAN port of the two network ports works, dmesg follows.  If
anyone wants me to test something in order to get the LAN port up,
feel free to contact me.

I'd suggest either  moving the wip/u-boot for it over, or perhaps if
an update is needed doing that, and I can test it.

---- snip

It's interesting that the second NIC doesn't show up at all. When I tested this (using an RK3328 image) both NIC's showed up, but the other NIC (ure0) was unstable and caused frequent crashes. NetBSD reported that it was using an unknown something (Realtek chip, maybe?). I'd be curious to see the output of usbdevs -vvv to see if the card is recognized at all.

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