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Re: Big-endian mode supported for Raspberry Pi [0-3] with bootable images available

Rin, I like your announcement style. Do you archive them or miror this type information on the WWW anywhere? You know, kind of like how some media companies archive their press releases.

On Thu, 3 Dec 2020, Rin Okuyama wrote:

I'm happy to announce that big-endian mode has been supported for
Raspberry Pi [0-3] in -current. Bootable disk images are available in
official daily snapshots. You can enjoy aarch64eb/armeb world on your
Pi's by just flashing these images to microSD!

vchiq(4) and vcaudio(4) are not supported in big-endian mode. This
requires heavy modifications to third party source codes. Anyway, we
will switch to vc4 drm driver, hopefully soon.

Pi 4 is not supported also. It needs ACPI, but acpica does not support
big-endian environments. This is really headache...

Other devices and features are supported in a similar manner as in
little-endian modes. Please tell me if you find endian-related bugs.

Available architectures and supported models are:

- aarch64eb

Pi 3 is supported by GENERIC64 kernel.

Bootable image is:

- earmv7hfeb and earmv7eb

Pi [2-3] are supported by GENERIC kernel.

Bootable image for earmv7hfeb is:

- earmv6hfeb and earmv6eb

Pi [0-1] are supported by RPI, and Pi 2 is supported by RPI2 kernel.

Bootable image for earmv6hfeb is:


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