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Orange Pi Win Support

Hey guys, I have recently bought a Orange Pi Win Plus and I was hoping to run NetBSD 9.1 on it (I have NetBSD 8.0 running on the original raspberry pi that I bought 7 years ago ;).

First thing that I have noticed after the first boot, is that I didn't have HDMI audio (basically I didn't have any audio devices showing in dmesg). According to this tweet:
and this page:

I was expecting HDMI audio coming out, as this is an Allwinner A64 board. I run dd with this u-boot image:

Before that, I run dd with the NetBSD 9.1 Aarch64 image. Can I use a different u-boot (from another A64 board) or are these incompatible with each-other? Should I try running current? Any other ideas?

Second, I would like to ask if are there any plans on porting the lima driver (which I think that was mainlined in linux more than a year ago) for Mali-400, in order to have GPU acceleration (VPU acceleration would also be nice, but that's another story ;).

Last but not least, I have noticed very slow I/O speed (about 2,5 MBytes/s) with an external WD USB3 2,5 HDD. When I switched to linux (armbian), I had about 10 times that speed (24 MBytes/s).

If first (lack of HDMI audio) and third issue (trashy USB speed) would be resolved, I would happily come back to netbsd! :)

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