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Re: some binaries crash with SIGILL on Zybo-Z7-20

On 31/10/2018 17:46, Alexander Nasonov wrote:
Nick Hudson wrote:

hw.machdep.id_isar[3:0] is zero if they aren't
I don't see this sysctl variable on my box.

cpuctl identify <cpuno>

uses it, e.g.

# cpuctl identify 0
cpu0: isa features: Swap, Bitcount, Bitfield, CmpBranch, Coproc=0, Debug
cpu0: isa features: Divde=2, Endian, Except, Except_AR, Extend=2, IfThen
cpu0: isa features: Immediate, Interwork=3, Jazelle, LoadStore, MemHint=4
cpu0: isa features: MultAccessInt=0, Mult=2, MultS=3, MultU=2, PSR_AR
cpu0: isa features: Reversal=2, Saturate, SIMD=3, SVC, SynchPrim=2, TabBranch
cpu0: isa features: ThumbCopy, TrueNOP, ThumbEE_Extn, Unpriv=2, WithShifts=4
cpu0: isa features: Writeback, SMC, Barrier, SynchPrim_frac, PSR_M, SWP
cpu0: memory model: VMSA-Support=5, Outermost-Shareablity=1
cpu0: memory model: Shareability-Levels=1, Auxilary-Registers=2
cpu0: memory model: Innermost-Shareability=1, Branch-Predictor=4
cpu0: memory model: Unified-TLB=4, Mem-Barrier=2, WFI-Stall=1
cpu0: memory model: Cache-Maintenance-MVA=1, Cache-Maintenance-Set/Way=1
cpu0: memory model: BP-Maintenance=2, Maintenance-Broadcast=2
cpu0: memory model: Coherent-Tablewalk=1, Cached-Memory-Size=2
cpu0: processor features: ThumbEE=1, Jazelle=3, Thumb=1, ARM=1, Programmer=1
cpu0: processor features: Security=1, M-profile=0, Virtualization=1
cpu0: processor features: Generic-Timer=1
cpu0: media and VFP features: ASIMD-Registers=2, Single-Precision=2
cpu0: media and VFP features: Double-Precision=2, Divide=1, Square-Root=1
cpu0: media and VFP features: VFP-Rounding-Modes=1, Flush-To-Zero=1
cpu0: media and VFP features: Default-NaN=1, ASIMD-Load/Store=1
cpu0: media and VFP features: ASIMD-Integer=1, ASIMD-SPFP=1, ASIMD-HPFP=1
cpu0: media and VFP features: VFP-HPFP=1, ASIMD-FMAC=1

cpu0: isa features: Swap


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