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FDT conversion - do any IIC devices work on RPI 2

Hi !

I just tried to switch to 8.99.14 from 7.99.52 and found following surprises:

    hythygtemp* does not attach to iic?

Cause: indirect config does not work as an empty proplist seems be attached to iba->iba_child_devices in i2c.c:i2c_attach().

Ignoring empty proplists will allow hythygtemp to attach, but iic_exec returns errno=5 (EIO) - thus no values are obtained.

Do we have a driver problen for i2c here or do we need to change something in the hythygtemp driver to adjust to fdt.

Needless to say that everything works for with pre-fdt/pre-8.99 (7.99.52).


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