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Re: Switch GPIO direction on Raspberry Pi using ioctl()

Marc Balmer <marc%msys.ch@localhost> writes:

> No, once the securelevel is raised all games are final, the GPIO
> configuration can not be changed anymore.  That is on purpose.
> Whether that rule should be relaxed can be the topic of a discussion.  I
> could imagine a setting where in runlevel 0 you could specify that
> certain pins remain changeable, even after the secure level had been raised.

What's the rationale for GPIO direction being a security issue, vs
viewing that as input/output ports?  I can see that hooking up some
things to gpio might want to be fixed, but that seems like an
exceptional case, not the norm.    So perhaps controllable should be
default, with a lockdown ioctl for people who have a security reason to
tie this to securelevel.

Or perhaps I'm missing some obvious use case that's normal.

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