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Re: 2015-03-29-netbsd-odroid_c1.img.gz (Re: NetBSD on ODROID-C1

Does "ifconfig awge0" show the correct media info? I only ever tried 1Gbps autoneg. Maybe rgephy needs some more help.

On Sun, 29 Mar 2015, Jun Ebihara wrote:

I've put ODROID-C1 2GB initial test snapshot image to



1. dd to 2GB microSD
2. connect HDMI,Keyboard,mouse,Network
3. connect power on and NetBSD boot messeage on HDMI display

Sample build script:

- I can't get no DHCP address.
- mikutter start failed.
- mlterm-fb display |||||||
- icewm start menu seems strange.

Jun Ebihara

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