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Stephan <stephanwib%googlemail.com@localhost> writes:

> I wasn´t aware of this easy-at-hand OpenSSL benchmark. That motivated
> me to do some comparing benchmarks. I noted the following numbers of
> the 16 size blocks test:
> Raspberry Pi B NetBSD   ~70.000
> Raspberry Pi B Raspian   ~300.000
> Raspberry Pi 2 Raspian   ~800.000
> NetBSD amd 64              ~4.400.000 (Intel Core 2 Extreme
> (686-class), 2826.34 MHz, id 0x10676)

NetBSD has opencrypto(4) that can use hardware acceleration, and openssl
can be made to use it.  I have done this on Soekris net5501, but found
that it was not 100% stable.  I am unclear on whether the RPI cpu has
any crypto coprocessor or if Linux or NetBSD has support, but it's
something to check.

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