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Re: Issue awge(4) on NetBSD/CubieBoard2

On 2/22/15 12:39 PM, Jeff Rizzo wrote:

On 2/14/15 1:39 AM, FUKAUMI Naoki wrote:

On 02/14/2015 05:07 PM, FUKAUMI Naoki wrote:

On 02/14/2015 12:36 PM, FUKAUMI Naoki wrote:
please try attached patch.

I found a bug in awge(4) part in my patch... I'll update it later.

fixed version is attached.



I'm not 100% certain, but this patch _seems_ to have solved the "packet corrupt" issues I was seeing when rsyncing data off my Banana Pi (with awge). Sorry it took me so long to test.


Sadly, it doesn't actually fix my problem after all. (though it doesn't seem to hurt)

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