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Re: 2014-11-22-netbsd-allwinner.img

From: Jean-Yves Moulin <jym%baaz.fr@localhost>
Subject: Re: 2014-11-22-netbsd-allwinner.img 
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 23:55:35 +0100

>> I've updated 2014-11-22-netbsd-allwinner.img.gz for Cubieboard 2.
> Thanks for the work. NetBSD runs also fine on Olimex-Lime2:
> https://www.olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/A20/A20-OLinuXIno-LIME2-4GB/open-source-hardware
> Same size than cubieboard2, but with battery connector and gigabit ethernet.
> The gigabit ethernet is not working (reset time out). I need to figure why.

It also have SATA IF.

I love to watch this text file.

I make packages for demonstraton use with cubieboard2.


- put webkit-gtk-2.4.7.tgz (need some swap area and ulimit) and midori-0.5.9.tgz.
- ryoon@ try to make firefox on earmv7hf with cubieboard2.

Jun Ebihara

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