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Kernel ELF entry point


I've been playing a bit with NetBSD/evbarm on qemu (integratorcp) to
get my feet wet.

I noticed is the entry point address in the kernel ELF binary seems to
be incorrect. Even though the linker script has the line
ENTRY(KERNEL_BASE_phys), it gets overridden by the "-e start"
command-line option added by Makefile.kern.inc:

$ arm--netbsdelf-eabi-readelf -h netbsd | grep Entry
  Entry point address:               0xc010015c

This is causing some problems when trying to run the kernel in qemu
with the -kernel command-line option.

I got around this problem by adding the following line to mk.integrator_cp:


Is there a better solution?

Thanks for reading.

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