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Raspberry Pi installation instructions in Dutch?

[Apologies, this message should have appeared on port-arm but I
mistakenly sent it to port-amd64. Jun Ebihara is already aware of this


I don't have a Pi myself and I am not really following all Pi related
websites, but I am trying to convince a local Linux/Open Source
foundation here in the South of the Netherlands to use Netbsd for some
educational projects on the Pi.

The foundation will receive a few exemplars on loan and might get more
exemplars on completion of some educational projects for primary

I wonder if there is a ready-made wiki page in Dutch, specific for the
evbarm-earmv6hf port.

I myself, who am not a fluent Dutch speaker, have come out with an
initial page with links to other resources. If somebody is interested
and can develop this further, please let me know, on or off list as
you wish. Bear in mind that I haven't tried this myself, so it's blind
leading the blind here.

The initial text follows, and for those who are not interested, sorry
for the noise:

1) Dit zijn de algemene instructies:

maar _pas op_: de laatse versie is niet 'evbarm', maar
'evbarm-earmhf'. Dit bedoelt dat meer programmas mogen gecompileerd
worden uit de 'pkgsrc' sources (ingewikkeld? Ja, welkom op bsd!)

2) Meer instructies:

3) Hoe and waar te downloaden:

 De laaste .img kan vanuit een van de volgende locaties:

3.1) http://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/jun/raspberry-pi/
dan click op de meest recente (bv: /2014-08-23-netbsd-raspi.img.
gz )



dan click op de meest recente, bv 201408280030Z/, dan evbarm-earmv6hf,
dan binary, dan gzimg, dan rpi.img

(HEAD betekent de laatste niet-stabiel versie)

Dan terug naar de wiki page (boven punt 1) en volg instructies.

4) Programmas:
Al gecompileerd, de meest recente:

Maar als nodig kan men uit de pkgsrc:


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