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Re: amigappc test kernel for CSPPC and BPPC


Long Time Ago, Frank Wille wrote:
> Please report your test results, so I know what to fix next.

I spent some more time playing with BPPC and this...

One problem which I probably mentioned previously was that the machine
usually gets stuck when using dcbz instructions to clear memory
(cacheable fast memory pages.) 

I found out that this seems to only happen when the accessed memory has
the memory coherence bit enabled. As far as I can tell, no exception is
generated. Often the machine gets so badly stuck that it needs to be
powered off for a moment before it will reboot. 
Normal dcbz errors such as trying to zero uncacheable memory do
generate exceptions as expected, so this seems to be something

Any ideas about this? Maybe my hardware is just broken.


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