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amigappc test kernel for CSPPC and BPPC


anybody who owns a CSPPC or BPPC can test the generic kernel under

For the beginning you should just check whether the kernel reaches the
"askroot" prompt on you machine. To boot the kernel you need "gobsdppc"

gobsdppc loads and relocates the kernel for your memory configuration and
starts the PowerPC. I tried to fix it for BPPC users by copying the boot
code below 0xfff03000. For a test (with debugging symbols) you should do:

  gobsdppc askroot symbols

When it works fine for most people I can also upload the amigappc userland
archives (you will need a NetBSD/amiga installation to install amigappc).

The IDE drivers are completely untested, so I'm expecting system hangs while
scanning for drives, etc..

Please report your test results, so I know what to fix next.

Frank Wille

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