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Re: NetBSD/amiga video: serial console boot-up

Hi Roc!

From: Roc Vallès <vallesroc%gmail.com@localhost>
Sent: Friday, June 9, 2023 20:46
Subject: Re: NetBSD/amiga video: serial console boot-up 

> This is very nice. I believe having these vids enables reaching a much
> larger audience that we would otherwise.

Thanks! That's just my intent with the videos: to show the UNIX workstation or even server capabilities that NetBSD brings to the Amiga. With increasing re-interest during last years on Amiga m68k and the new TerribleFire, Warp, BFG, A3640/A3660, A630 accelerators... it should be fairly easy and relatively affordable for Amiga users to get at least a full 68030 CPU in their hands, and with that the possibility to run NetBSD.

I still think the most serious technical issue that would prevent adoption is the CF card incompatibility.

> Netbsd 10 is looking very good for Amiga users; Hopefully we can get
> many to try it.

I hope so :)


Carlos Milán Figueredo | HispaMSX System Operator | http://www.hispamsx.org | telnet://bbs.hispamsx.org | https://calnus.com

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