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NetBSD/amiga video: serial console boot-up


I uploaded to YouTube a new capture, this time testing the serial console in NetBSD/amiga, inspired by the latest messages on this list and by Roc's work on loadbsd. The video, however, shows console boot-up from the bootblock.

The setup: I connected the serial port on the Amiga to a USB port in a PC using Edu Arana's The Listener [1]; although it is intended for DiagROM, it works well for the NetBSD serial console. On the PC side I have Windows and PuTTY.

The video is available in: https://youtu.be/1wwxc6PmAUU


[1] https://www.arananet.net/pedidos/product/the-listener-a-serial-debug-board-specially-made-for-diagrom

Carlos Milán Figueredo
HispaMSX System Operator
- http://www.hispamsx.org
- telnet://bbs.hispamsx.org
- https://calnus.com

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