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Re: Progress on the M680x0 backend in LLVM

On 6/4/20 9:43 PM, Chris Hanson wrote:
> What are the clang merge plans, since clang is part of the LLVM monorepo?

clang will be worked on in the near future. The project contains both the old split
repos and the new mono repo. During the migration to the monorepo, the clang repo
was not considered for the time being but the m68k-specific changes there were also
not too big that they cannot be re-added manually.

> What are the ABI plans for this back-end? System V initially, and then…?

No particular plans for ABI support beyond System V, but that doesn't mean
other ABIs can't be added.

> Which assembler is being used, binutils or LLVM (mc)?

Currently, we have only binutils. LLVM doesn't even have a native assembler
for all other architectures. It's also optional, although it's nice to have.

> Which linker, binutils or LLVM (lld)?

Same as for the assembler.

> Can the monorepo be made to more closely track the LLVM repo, incorporating
> all of its branches and tags? When last I looked it didn’t have any of them,
> it still felt more like a set of patches atop an LLVM “snapshot.”

The plan is to get the patches for m68k support merged upstream and not to keep
a separate project. So I don't think that particular part is too relevant.

But such a clean-up will eventually come anyways. Currently, the code is WIP.

> (I’ve been told already that it’s atop LLVM master, but to me that means it
> should be usable as a stand-in for LLVM master that’s just a little bit behind.)

That should be the case. Not sure what's missing besides the tags and branches.


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