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Re: lock errors on DIAGNOSTIC kernel after yamt-idlelwp merge

In <Pine.NEB.4.64.0705191348240.19377%lightning.msu.montana.edu@localhost>
mhitch%lightning.msu.montana.edu@localhost wrote:

>    Did this work after the newlock2 merge (before the idlelwp merge)?


In <Pine.NEB.4.64.0705192230330.19377%lightning.msu.montana.edu@localhost>
mhitch%lightning.msu.montana.edu@localhost wrote:

>    I've fixed the missing call to lwp_startup() in lwp_trampoline() 
> (renamed from proc_trampoline to match other ports), and a DIAGNOSTIC 
> kernel now boots and runs.

Thanks, both hp300 and news68k now work with DIAGNOSTIC.

>    My LOCKDEBUG kernel gets further now, but fails later when starting 
> init.

On hp300 and news68k, DIAGNOSTIC + LOCKDEBUG kernels seem working
even on multiuser.
Izumi Tsutsui

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