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Amiga 3000 video strangeness

Hi, Amiga fans,

I just got an original Amiga 3000 working. It's a really old A3000 with 16 MHz m68030 and m68881. I want to get NetBSD running on it because I don't have any other m68030 NetBSD machines, so I built a minimal kernel and tried to run it. However, after it loaded, it started printing text is a very peculiar way:


One can see that the machine has paniced; I had used a userland which was created with m68060 optimizations, so that is most likely why.

I've now built a kernel that defaults to the serial console and will test that in a little bit, but I thought I'd mention this in case there's a chance that someone broke something with regards to ECS / OCS support or in case someone has another machine to test. This is the latest NetBSD 4 tree.

The video works fine, BTW, in AmigaDOS.


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