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Re: ld shared object

On Sat, 29 Jun 1996, Ruben van Staveren wrote: 
> Well, how to create s.o files ?
> 1. gcc -pic on all sources you need
> 2. use ar cq libsharedstuff.a *.o 
> 3. use ranlib libsharedstuff.a
> 4. finally, use ld -x -Bshareable -Bforcearchive -o libsharedstuff.so.1.0
> libsharedstuff.a
>    et voila, you have a dynamic linkable library.

Thank you, sir.

The way you told me is the method comew with source release to build 
various shared libraries. I figured out another way to archieve the same 
target: build dynamic linked object with -fpic flag ( the default as with 
BSD release does not recognize -K, which is invoked by -fPIC flag. GNU 
manual states that unless global offset table overflow occurs, -fpic 
shall be shall be used in place of -fPIC. -fPIC does make difference on 
m68k CPU.). Then link the objects with -Bshareable -soname (optional). 
That will come with page demanded shared libirary not stripped file.

Thank you Ruben again.


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