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Re: Fastlane Problems

On Thu, 23 May 1996, Matthias Scheler wrote:

> > But if I make some transfers from one Drive to another the SCSI-Bus stops
> > and nothing happens anymore.
> Well know problem.
> > Have somebody a solution ?
> Yes, write a better driver for the FAS 216 SCSI chip.

As you mention the Fastlane...
I recently got a couple of read/write errors after I installed an Ariadne 
board. It doesn't look like a driver problem as it also showed up under 
AmigaOS on AFS partitions. Are there any known hardware incompatibilities 
between Fastlane and Ariadne?
(my complete config: A4000/040, CPU-board 3.1, Fastlane, CV64, Ariadne)


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