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Re: Configuring kernel with multidisk swap

*** Regarding Re: Configuring kernel with multidisk swap; Per Bojsen
*** <pb%delta.dk@localhost> adds:

Per> However, I now think the problem is caused by something else than
Per> the introduction of multi-disk swapping.  I had been trying to
Per> increase the MAXDSIZ and MAXTSIZ parameters from vmparam.h which
Per> determine the hard limits for the maximum data segment and text
Per> segment sizes, respectively.  They are currently 32MB and 6MB,
Per> respectively.  Are there any obvious and/or known problems with
Per> increasing these?  Is it possible at all?  Are there any limits
Per> to how large these can be?  How does their values affect
Per> performance in terms of memory usage and kernel memory usage?

Ok, it's slap-my-forehead time ;-)  It turned out I had specified the
MAXDSIZ and MAXTSIZ values as if their units were KB, so the values
were actually very low, which caused the exec() of init to fail due to
hitting the MAXTSIZ limit (the maximum text segment size), probably.

After I multiplied the values with 1024, the kernel works fine, and
ulimit in bash reports the new values.

Per Bojsen                                   Email: pb%delta.dk@localhost
DELTA IC Design                                     
Venlighedsvej 4, Hoersholm, Denmark

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