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Configuring kernel with multidisk swap

Per Bojsen writes:
 > I've been trying to configure a new kernel that allows me to swap on
 > more than one disk, but has not been successful so far.  Here's what
 > I've done:
 > 1) I started by changing the `config netbsd swap on generic' line to
 > `config netbsd swap on sd2b sd1b' (sd2 is my main NetBSD disk, and
 > where my root partition and swap partition is; sd1 is the disk I want
 > to swap to besides sd2), but config reported syntax error on the
 > config line.  Hmm.

You need to remove the "options GENERIC" line from your configuration
if you want swap on more than one device.  I think that was the only
change I made when I went to two swap partitions.

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