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Re: Problem with amiga_init.c or is it?

*** Regarding Problem with amiga_init.c or is it?; Kortelainen Mika
*** <k125374%cs.tut.fi@localhost> adds:

Kortelainen> Hey, I just compiled binutils-2.6 to get the latest
Kortelainen> assembler and then I tried to compile a new kernel using
Kortelainen> -m68040, but the assembler stops working at amiga_init.c.

I have a warning regarding gas from binutils-2.6 which is not related
to your problem: I found that this gas can emit object files that end
on an uneven byte boundary which when linked with the system ld causes
symbols to be aligned to uneven addresses; this is bad because it
hurts performance and in some cases causes run-time errors.  The
latter problem is exhibited by jmp_buf's: if a jmp_buf is aligned to
an uneven address, longjmp() will fail (actually it is the internal
call to sigreturn() that fails).

Note that GNU ld from binutils-2.6 knows how to patch the uneven sized
object files.  Unfortunately, GNU ld does not support linking with
shared libraries on NetBSD as far as I have figured out.  I don't know
if there is a configuration option that makes gas pad its object

I guess you could use GNU ld to link the kernel here, since it is
statically linked.

Per Bojsen                                   Email: pb%delta.dk@localhost
DELTA IC Design                                     
Venlighedsvej 4, Hoersholm, Denmark

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