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Problem with amiga_init.c or is it?


I just compiled binutils-2.6 to get the latest assembler and
then I tried to compile a new kernel using -m68040, but the
assembler stops working at amiga_init.c.

Error message is "invalid instruction for this architecture;
needs 68030 or 68851 or 68ec030" and the origin for this
problem are "pmove a4@,srp" and "pmove a0@,tc" (i.e. there
is that assembly stuff in amiga_init.c).

Should I really use -m68030 to compile my kernel or could
something be done for amiga_init.c to get it compile with
68040?  I know next to nothing about 680x0 assembly (I thought
that 6510 was enough) so I don't know what to try... but it
sounds like a bit stupid thing to generate 030 code if the
assembler supports 040.

Or have I messed up something with binutils?

        Any help appreciated,

        Mika Kortelainen

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