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Re: Can UNIX coexist with AmigaDOS? Porting UNIX under AmigaDOS

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Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> But porting UNIX is far more simple, it is written to be portable.
> AmigaDOS do not use MMU, so it is free for UNIX.

 The last sentence is not correct.  My AmigaDOS does use the MMU.

> My idea is Linux or NetBSD running as one task (or few tasks) under
> AmigaDOS like PC-Task or Shape Shifter.

 Your idea is very old and already has been started into a project.  The
project is called "AmiNix" and is based on NetBSD.  Unfortunately due to
some personal problems, the author seemed to have stopped working on it.
At least I haven't heard anything recently. I don't have his address.

Markus Illenseer

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