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xconsole issues

Bo Najdrovsky writes:
 > % > This reminds me, on the weekend i have tried running xconsole, and it
 > % > did *not* work, ...
 > %
 > % This NetBSD-amiga specific problem because it works fine with NetBSD-i386.
 > %
 > I'm running Xconsole without any problems myself. However, since I use
 > xdm, I run it when xdm starts up the X server.  If I remember correctly,
 > I had to make the xconsole program a setuid root binary.

For some reason, when I run xconsole, I usually get some sort of error
to the effect "Can't open console", whether I have su'd to root, or
made xconsole setuid root.  On the other hand, if I su to root and
enter xterm -C, that always seems to work.  I don't have the sources
to xterm and xconsole at the moment, so I don't know what's different
about them.  I'm running xdm, and Xdaniver on an A2024.

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