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Re: X server for Retina Z2

Per Bojsen writes:
> *** Regarding Re: X server for Retina Z2; "Markus Illenseer"
> *** <markus%tiger.teuto.de@localhost> adds:
> Markus> Maybe you should also check out the mail Hubert Feyrer
> Markus> released to comment the Meka-III event earlier this year.  It
> Markus> will explain some of your impressions.
> Yes, I did read it although I didn't notice Bernd had participated at
> the time.

I noticed, but didn't want to say anything (his level of participation in the 
gathering was not indicated, so I didn't want to "stir the waters".  I was 
just glad to see that he attended...)

> Markus> As noone bothered to comment this mail, you should not be
> Markus> surprised if Bernd really stops working on the Amiga port.
> I'm still wondering whether Bernd has made his sources public or not,
> though.  If he has, where can I find them? 

I'd like to know this too...

> If he hasn't, what are his reasons not to make them public?

:-/  I don't know that it matters much what his reasons (if any) are.  If he 
elects to keep the sources private, and decides to keep his reasons for doing 
so private as well, then those are his decisions and we'll have to live with 
them and respect them.  

I sincerely hope, however, that he *does* release the sources (if he hasn't 
already).  I'd really hate to see the amount of talent and effort that he put 
into his work go to waste, and I'd also hate to see the Xamiga24 project
die... :-(


Greg Oster

Department of Computer Science
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA

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