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Re: X server for Retina Z2

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, Per Bojsen wrote:

> I'm still wondering whether Bernd has made his sources public or not,
> though.  If he has, where can I find them?  If he hasn't, what are his
> reasons not to make them public?
Again, are the sources available?  If Bernd has chosen not to make them 
public, then his reasons are his own.  The important question is not 
why not, but what do we do now?  I had offered to help with packaging 
the sources for the various servers etc. into a set of patches ala 
XFree86.  This offer still stands.  Without the sources though, it is 
rather pointless and my qualifications do not extend into the realm of 
writing a new server from scratch. We may be able to use the existing 
binaries for now but there are no guarantees for the future.

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