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Re: Snookered in San Francisco

Patrick Phalen wrote:
> When I "loadbsd -b netbsd," the message "Using 2M FASTMEM at 0x200000,
> 2M CHIPMEM" flashes, then the screen clears and the system hangs. Why?
> Any ideas?

 Not really.  What color does the screen have?  Is there a black border
with a white, centered box in the middle?  If yes, you are already looking
at the console screen at least.  The console on ECS is displayed in PAL,
but your flicker-fixer (check the switchon the rear of your A3000) should
be able to display that.

 If not - I fear that the kernel really doesnt work with 2MB RAM only, as
always stated in the FAQs and INSTALL-guides.  I was never able to check
that out - I have fully poplated RAM-sockets and never ever want to remove
them, those tiny pins of the ZIPs scare me :)

Markus Illenseer

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