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Re: X server for Retina Z2

Per Bojsen wrote:
> I interpreted this message as Bernd's way of saying he was dropping out
> of the NetBSD-Amiga community.  I'm surprised nobody else commented on
> the implications this has for X development, so maybe my impression is
> wrong.  Did Bernd release his X server sources?  If yes, where are they?
>  If not, we're in trouble unless I've misinterpreted Bernd's message.

 Oh, the discussion was going on about exactly this subject.  Just it was
not done in this forum and more behind the scenes. 

 Maybe you should also check out the mail Hubert Feyrer released to comment
the Meka-III event earlier this year.  It will explain some of your
impressions.  As noone bothered to comment this mail, you should not be
surprised if Bernd really stops working on the Amiga port.

 No, this was not a flame, but a try to provoke comments.

Markus Illenseer

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