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Re: X11 on CV64

On Thu, 25 Jan 1996, Matthias Scheler wrote:

> > I just finished upgrading to NetBSD 1.1 and thought it was time to give
> > X11 a try. I installed the X11R6-04Jan95 packages and got fvwm running
> > on the standard AGA 60Hz monochrome display.
> Too old, get the september package.

Alright, did it. fvwm runs without problems in monochrome, just like in 
the older version.

> > Now is there any documentation on how to get an 8bit chunky display on
> > my CV64?
> Because *YOU* didn't write one?

How should I? I haven't even done it myself once!

> > As it seems I have to write a config file for grfconfig ...
> Download ReadCVMonitor 1.0 from "ftp.uni-regenburg.de" and use it to
> convert your CyberGraphX monitor file.

OK so far, I made a grfconfig file and "grfconfig /dev/grf5 grfmodes" 
configures some modes for the board. But who can I convince the X server 
to actually use one of these? Some days ago I caught a line like
startx -- "mode 3 -dev /dev/grf5"
here on the mailinglist, but it doesn't work. Reading manpages for startx, 
xinit and Xserver didn't get me any further either. 


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