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Re: A3000 hangs under 1.1

> Stephen Champion wrote:
> > I don't think that's it - the system works fine under both AmigaDos and
> > 1.0.  I'm not even sure it's the network, anymore, either - today the
> > system froze while using vi in singleuser - it will consistently hang
> > when I use a 'cw' command. Tried a clean boot, anyway, though, and there
> > was no difference.
>  Ah.  Another idea pops to my mind.  You don't happen to forgot mentioning
> that you have 16Bit RAM hidden somewhere?  I now remember that I had
> exactly the same problems than you.  Once the A2065 was activated, the
> system hangs up after the next DMA or whatever access to RAM.
>  I didn't bothered about that, because I don't want to use 16Bit RAM.  Try
> to fiddle around with the -n options of loadbsd.

Thanks for the suggestion, but  all 32bit (the DKB3128 is ZIII) and the -n 
doesn't work on the INSTALL kernel I'm gonna have a go at building a 1.1 
kernel under 1.0 and see if I can get a custom kernel to boot...

And throw another 8MB on the DKB and get a rev-11 buster...

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