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Re: Piccolo SD64 Driver?

Ola Lidholm wrote:
> Is there anyone ot there who is working on a Piccolo SD64 driver? (To
> clarify any misstakes, this is _not_ the same as a Piccolo ZII/ZIII).


> I have tried to make some simple changes in the regular Piccolo driver,
> but I guess the boards just aren't compatible enough :-/ Or maby I
> should say, that the Cirrus logic 5426 chip that is on the Piccolo is
> not compatible with the 5434 och Piccolo SD64...?

 It cannot be compatible.  The two chips do really vary in many details.
On the other hand, the standard VGA features should work.  What you really
need are the addresses of the ports.  Or better the offset within the

Markus Illenseer

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