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ide vs scsi (Re: Amiga UNIX)

> Peter Naylor <e4315555%student.uq.edu.au@localhost> :

> I think you should get a SCSI disk for a start... IDE/EIDE are not a good 
> idea for a multi-threaded, multi-tasking, multiuser OS which probably 
> depends quite heavily on virtual memory.

this reminds me... back when i first had to get my own UNIX up,
i was deciding between putting one on my Amiga (having no idea
at the time how well anything would work) or renting a PC and putting
Linux on it.  (NetBSD had slipped my mind.)

I had thought maybe i'd -buy- the hard disk; figuring once i had
a UNIX installed on it i could keep it around for awhile in case
i needed it again.

when checking out places to rent an IBM-type PC, i mentioned
that i'd like to buy a SCSI disk (figuring if i -didn't- need it
again, i could put it in my Amiga).  The guy flatly declared that
IDE (maybe EIDE) was much faster than SCSI.  Much.

where's a good Internet place to find out some actual -facts-
about the two, so maybe i can make up my mind which is better
in a particular context?

Hume Smith   <hclsmith%isisnet.com@localhost>

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