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Hello All
I have just completed my first installation of netBSD 1.1
Hurray !
Next step was to install X11R6...
Here I am having a little trouble. I am not sure which 
server is appropriate for my hardware.
I have tried Xdaniver and it works fine.
I would like to make use of my RetinaZ2 card.
I am unclear as to which servers will work with it.
I have read the Amiga Xfaq but was unable to sort
out what must be done with respect to a retina Z2

Could someone direct me to additional information
with respect to:
Xcl, XamigaRetina-beta, Xamiga24
and perhaps suggest which ones will work with my system.

My system:
Gvp 030 50Mhz 8M
8M (on another card)

email would be prefered
al urbaitis

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