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Re: Regarding the ULTRIX and OSF1 compats

> The NetBSD project even publicly states on the ports page (https://www.netbs$

No, it's not.  But they also publicly state that it is the problem of
the port's people to keep it working, even when the problem is caused
by someone doing something to MI code that ends up breaking the
second-class citi^W^Wnon-tier-1 ports inadvertently, like bloating the
kernel by another few megs.  (I once had a machine that had only 5 megs
of RAM, and I own hardware that maxes out at 16 megs.)

> Fun fact: a Tier 2 platform is included in regular automated regression test$

Not much of an effort, at least not compared to what it once did.  Time
was, "sun3 doesn't work" was a release-stopper.

> But, consider your VAX example... even though there is a very good emulation$

My preferred fix for the broken-VAX-compiler situation is to roll back
to a compiler which works for the VAX.

As for nobody stepping up meaning nobody cares deeply about the VAX?
That is an invalid inference.  At most, it means that nobody cares
deeply about NetBSD/vax, and I think not even that.  There are at least
two people in this very thread who care about the VAX (okay, I don't
know to what extent "deeply" is fair).  The reason I haven't spoken up
is that I don't think anyone would listen, possibly excepting a few
other people on the fringe.  Even if I had a working VAX (which I
don't; for all that I care about it, caring alone does not make it
practical for me to run mine), the Project would not be interested in
my suggestions unless they fit within its "`industrially relevant'
machines get to impose what's convenient for them on everyone"
framework - for example, as I said, I would roll back the compiler.

No, I don't care deeply enough about the VAX to rearrange the rest of
my life around that as first priority.  If that's what you mean, then,
yes, probably nobody cares deeply about it.  But I don't think I care
deeply about _anything_ in computers by that criterion.

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