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Re: Regarding the ULTRIX and OSF1 compats

On 2019-03-16 19:25, Jason Thorpe wrote:

On Mar 16, 2019, at 6:43 AM, Johnny Billquist <bqt%softjar.se@localhost> wrote:

Make it work - don't remove it.

That's rich.  With some of the things we're talking about, "make it work" (or "keep it working") is a very resource-intensive proposition.

Hey, I have an idea... since you care so much about it, why don't YOU step up and "make it work" / "keep it working".

Seriously, at some point, those who care about these things so much need to be putting in the effort to keep them going.  It's completely unfair to others working on the rest of there system to place the entire burden on them, especially when we're talking about things that are, by their nature, niche applications that require special resources.

Fair enough viewpoint.
To which my response is, then state this openly and clearly. And then people can decide if they want to run NetBSD or if they should look elsewhere.

As for me personally, yes, I am certainly guilty of mostly making noise, and few contributions. I used to do a bit more, but mostly on VAX specific stuff. But since other were making changes all the time, making the VAX port less and less usable, I instead stopped trying to fix things. So maybe I should just leave/fork/whatever. That is I guess, the way I should view all of this.


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