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Re: Regarding the ULTRIX and OSF1 compats

On Sat, 16 Mar 2019, Maxime Villard wrote:

Anyway, people, let's wrap it up. The status right now is that I've disabled
COMPAT_OSF1 on Alpha, and I'm not sure if there is an improper dependency of
COMPAT_LINUX on COMPAT_OSF1, because I see calls like osf1_sys_wait4 in
sys/compat/linux/arch/alpha/, but there is no dependency in the modules.

Right now I'm waiting to see if the build cluster fails, to know for sure.
If there is indeed a dependency, we'll have to untangle it before retiring
COMPAT_OSF1. I don't think it is really complicated, the functions used are
just wrappers, that we can easily move into Alpha's COMPAT_LINUX.

If there is a inter-module dependency, it should be resolved by updating COMPAT_LINUX's "required modules" list (for port alpha). We should not relegate COMPAT_OSF1 to the Attic with an unsatisfied dependency.

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