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Re: Regarding the ULTRIX and OSF1 compats

maxv cares deeply for netbsd's security and has found multiple bugs in
syscall emulation layers. So he took part in creating tools that
mechanize the work of finding them, KASLR, KLEAK. But they need to
run the code to find bugs.

Most likely, COMPAT_ULTRIX and COMPAT_OSF1 have the same type of bugs
that we have seen in compatibility layers elsewhere.
Is it worth his time to test them?

This means:
- Finding binaries to run
- Setting up an emulator*
- Porting KLEAK/KASLR to the architecture that can run COMPAT_ULTRIX

given how old it is, it sounds very likely it has bitrotted. apparently
COMPAT_ULTRIX hasn't, so we can keep it, OK. Removing 1 out of 2
suggestions is still a small victory.

Pruning code is healthy and I'm glad we can have a reasonable
discussion about it where users can mention they find the code useful.

* Bonus points that netbsd/alpha doesn't run in any emulator AFAIK, so
actually you would get stuck if you tried.

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