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Re: Regarding the ULTRIX and OSF1 compats

Le 16/03/2019 à 12:05, Johnny Billquist a écrit :
I don't see any confusion.

My question was about what NetBSD is about.

If we are serious about being interoperable, implementing many standard APIs,
and care about different platforms, then buggy or broken code should be fixed.
Or at worst left for someone else to fix later.

If we don't care about the interoperability, then indeed, we delete the code.

This misses absolutely 100% of the points that were given in the many
discussions that have been had on this topic. Please re-read the threads.

In short, there are things that are a burden in terms of maintenance, and that
no one is willing to fix, because no one is interested in doing so. These
things have legitimate reasons to go away. Similarly there are things that are
hindrances to overall design improvement, like MPification; and when such
things have questionable utility and receive zero maintenance, they also have
legitimate reasons to go away.

This has been said very clearly multiple times.

If that's your definition of interoperable, then indeed, we used to be - and
still are a bit, actually - a very, very interoperable system.

Do you mean that deleting the code is your definition of interoperable?

You are confused.

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