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Re: Regarding the ULTRIX and OSF1 compats

Le 16/03/2019 à 11:26, Johnny Billquist a écrit :
If the answer is that we remove the code, then indeed, the whole webpage is
incorrect, and we should change it to state that we do not try to be
interoperable, implementing many standard APIs, or care about other platforms.

There seems to be some confusion here. Being "interoperable" doesn't mean
"keeping unmaintained code that is so broken it can't even emulate a dumbass
mmap". (Thinking about SVR4 here.)

If that's your definition of interoperable, then indeed, we used to be - and
still are a bit, actually - a very, very interoperable system.

Regarding the web site, if my memory is correct, not too long ago we did change
the page to put less emphasis on the compat layers, but the changes were backed
out because one person wanted to keep the old version; if my memory is correct,
this person was John Nemeth.

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