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Re: ES45 and SMP?

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Michael L. Hitch <mhitch%lightning.msu.montana.edu@localhost> wrote:
>On Thu, 4 Sep 2008, Michael L. Hitch wrote:
>> On Wed, 5 Dec 2007, Stephen Jones wrote:
>>> I've got a few ES45s available to me with 4 procs each.  Before I put down 
>>> the dough, is NetBSD ready for
>>> prime time on these?  I'm guessing Greg is the only one that might know for 
>>> sure.  And I of course don't
>>> mean just loading NetBSD and then letting the machine idle, I mean really 
>>> intense 24/7 use.
>>  Our ES45 has just been removed from production, so I am attempting to boot 
>> NetBSD on it, but no luck so far.
>>  I have been able to boot an ES40 with no problems, but the ES45 (as well as 
>> an ES47 we had taken out of production) fails loading the kernel.
>   Ah, progress...
>   The ES45 I have still had Tru64 on it, and when I booted it, I noticed 
>that it loaded at 0xfffffc0000430000.  NetBSD was loading at 
>0xfffffc0000300000, so I build a kernel that loaded at 0xfffffc0000430000.
>This kernel completed loading and began executing:
>8962064+479936 [529536+351743]=0x9d8c10
>Entering netbsd-ES45 at 0xfffffc0000431130...
>NetBSD does not yet support system type 38 (???).
>panic: platform not supported
>   Next step would be to add the system type support, which may be a bit 
>more than I know.

Good progress! Does not look very hard from reading the code!


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