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Re: ES45 and SMP?

On Wed, 5 Dec 2007, Stephen Jones wrote:

I've got a few ES45s available to me with 4 procs each. Before I put down the dough, is NetBSD ready for prime time on these? I'm guessing Greg is the only one that might know for sure. And I of course don't mean just loading NetBSD and then letting the machine idle, I mean really intense 24/7 use.

Our ES45 has just been removed from production, so I am attempting to boot NetBSD on it, but no luck so far.

I have been able to boot an ES40 with no problems, but the ES45 (as well as an ES47 we had taken out of production) fails loading the kernel.

Michael L. Hitch                        mhitch%montana.edu@localhost
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