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RE: please review wip/fltk13

> On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 09:20:58AM -0500, Larson, Timothy E. wrote:
> > I'm not quite sure how to fix this, as I don't see the problems myself.
> > Would appreciate feedback from anybody using other platforms.
> You should see it when you enable PKG_DEVELOPER=yes (in your
> /etc/mk.conf).

Hmm, I do have that set, and I thought I had it set when I was testing this 
previously.  (I'm using a different machine than I had been at the beginning of 
the year, so possibly have not gotten everything set up like I had before.)  
I'll be giving it another go soon.  (... pause ...)  OK, I see it now.

> > Dillo is now at version 3.0, the big change being updating the toolkit
> > to FLTK 1.3.  I'd like to get this imported so that Dillo can be updated
> > as well.  Open to advice regarding having FLTK 1.1 and 1.3 packages at the
> > same time.  Looks like x11/fltk is used by 15 (non-wip) packages.
> If making the packages use 1.3 is non-trivial, then one common solution is
> to override the installation names (e.g. ->, using
> include/fltk10/FL instead of include/FL) etc.; or use a different PREFIX,
> but then the executables are not found by default.
> In both cases fltk-config and any pkg-config files need extra care.
> The preferred solution is to make all packages use 1.3 of course :)

I'm hoping that updating to use 1.3 _is_ non-trivial, but I don't keep up on 
its development enough to say that for sure.  Of course, I agree that updating 
x11/fltk to be v1.3 would be ideal, rather than having two different packages.  
Adding the maintainers of palmosemulator, gipfel, and cinepaint.  Anybody 
willing to help check out csound5, spiralloops, spiralsynth, fltk-sudoku, 
flphoto, tuxpaint-config, fl_logbook, fldigi, flpsed, xpp, and dillo?  Soon as 
I fix the runpath issue, of course.


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