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RE: please review wip/fltk13

> Didn't look at this during the freeze since we try to avoid adding new
> packages during that time.

I figured that might be the case for a number of you.  :)

> I've just tried building it on NetBSD-5.99.53/amd64 with native X, and it
> fails with:
> ...
> Image Libraries: JPEG=System
>                  PNG=System
>                  ZLIB=System
>                  CAIRO=lib
> ...
> In file included from ../FL/Fl.H:36,
>                  from Fl_Double_Window.cxx:29:
> ../FL/Fl_Cairo.H:42:26: error: cairo-xlib.h: No such file or directory ...

Do you have the cairo package installed? It's at 
/usr/pkg/include/cairo/cairo-xlib.h on my system and linked under 
work/.buildlink when building. I'm on 5.1/i386 but I'm not sure that should 
make a difference.


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